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Book review — ‘I Want To Know What It Is Like To Be A Wild Thing’

The New York Times Book Review Charles Foster's 'Being A Beast' By Vicki Constantine Croke It’s not easy being a theriomorph. The gods of myth never seem to break a sweat when they sprout an elephant head, goat hooves or swan’s wings. But few of us mere mortals can take on an animal’s nature so effortlessly. My own early experiments ...
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Book review — Helen Macdonald’s ‘H Is for Hawk’

The New York Times Book Review Helen Macdonald’s ‘H Is for Hawk’ By Vicki Constantine Croke Follow @VickiCroke If birds are made of air, as the nature writer Sy Montgomery says, then writing a great bird book is a little like dusting for the fingerprints of a ghost. It calls for poetry and science, conjuring and evidence. In her breathtaking ...
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Book review — Winged Victories

The New York Times Book Review Winged Victories: 'The Thing With Feathers' and 'The Homing Instinct' By Vicki Constantine Croke Avian migration is such a vast and complex phenomenon that it can accommodate star treatment in two new books. “The Thing With Feathers,” by Noah Strycker, takes on the miracle of navigation as part of a sweeping look at bird ...
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A 1913 Barnum & Bailey poster. Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images.

Book review — Three-Ring Circuses

A book review of 'Topsy' by Michael Daly and 'Behemoth' by Ronald B. Tobias ...
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Eliot Schrefer. Photo: Priya Patel.

Book review — Adapt and Survive

A New York Times review of Eliot Schrefer's book 'Endangered.' ...
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