Eliot Schrefer. Photo: Priya Patel.

Book review — Adapt and Survive

A New York Times review of Eliot Schrefer's book 'Endangered.' ...
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Ghost Temple

Nearly seventy years ago, young Ruth Harkness went to remotest China in search of wild pandas and found a lost culture --and her own spiritual self. Tracing her footsteps to this still mysterious land is its own reward ...
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This killing machine called a fossa will go after the biggest prey it can sink its teeth into, even dominant female lemurs in Madagascar's forests. Photo: Roy Toft.

The Deadliest Carnivore

Half mongoose, half clouded leopard, Madagascar's fossa is rarely seen and barely understood yet essential to the natural balance of this threatened Eden ...
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John moves an immobilized yearling bear in the early 1960s at Yellowstone, probably to prevent it from sliding, disoriented, into the creek.

The Brothers Wild

Frank and john Craighead's groundbreaking study of grizzly bears helped save the carnivores from extinction. For the twins from Chevy Chase, it was just another chapter in a lifetime of adventure ...
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