Ghost Temple

Gourmet Magazine

Ghost Temple

By Vicki Croke

gourmet mag-thumbOur caravan of three dusty Jeep Cherokees pulled over to the sidewalk in front of an open-air meat shop, and our guide, Leon Liu, held out our precious map and some old photographs.

A butcher approached the car, wiping his hands on his spattered apron. Taking the material from Leon’s hands, he studied it. Three men, all in tattered jackets, and a woman in a bright pink quilted coat joined him, peering unabashedly into the car and then craning to see the papers. There was a great deal of discussion and then, almost synchronously, they stretched out their right arms to point down the busy road.

Apparently, we were just a few miles from the treasure we had traveled all the way to China to find… READ MORE

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