The Modern Ark

The Modern ArkPerhaps the question is so obvious that we seldom ask it: Why zoos?

Wildlife journalist Vicki Croke provides answers in The Modern Ark, a fascinating history of zoos, the animals they house, how they reflect changing attitudes, and what their future may be. Croke traveled widely to conduct prodigious reporting –interviewing humans and spending time with some amazing members of the animal kingdom –and she offers an enlightening look at zoos.

Some of it is funny, some of it’s disturbing. All of it is interesting.

“The Modern Ark is an excellent book. It is very well researched and its pages are alive with vivid anecdotes. Vicki Croke tackles the most controversial problems of zoos with thoughtfulness and integrity. I thoroughly recommend The Modern Ark to all those who think seriously about the future of animals in captivity and their survival in the wild.”

–Dr. Jane Goodall