Ghost Temple

Nearly seventy years ago, young Ruth Harkness went to remotest China in search of wild pandas and found a lost culture --and her own spiritual self. Tracing her footsteps to this still mysterious land is its own reward.

The Deadliest Carnivore

Half mongoose, half clouded leopard, Madagascar's fossa is rarely seen and barely understood yet essential to the natural balance of this threatened Eden.

The Brothers Wild

Frank and john Craighead's groundbreaking study of grizzly bears helped save the carnivores from extinction. For the twins from Chevy Chase, it was just another chapter in a lifetime of adventure.

Elephant Company

The remarkable story of James Howard “Billy” Williams, whose uncanny rapport with the world’s largest land animals transformed him from a carefree young man into the charismatic war hero known as Elephant Bill.

The Lady and the Panda

The true adventures of the first American explorer to bring back China's most exotic animal.

The Modern Ark

Perhaps the question is so obvious that we seldom ask it: Why zoos? Wildlife journalist Vicki Croke provides answers in The Modern Ark, a fascinating history of zoos, the animals they house, how they reflect changing attitudes, and what their future may be.

Animal ER

Extraordinary stories of hope and healing from one of the world's leading veterinary hospitals.